User-friendly Content Management System.

Content Management System (CMS) is an easy-to-use application that allows you to quickly update images and other elements of your website. This helps you control your online presence just by using few clicks. The user gains the ability to update any element of his website at any point of time- putting the user in control of his online businesses.

Robust and Secure

We build web CMS solutions that can be as robust and secure

CMS Expertise includes

Vast expertise in several Open Source CMS platforms like Opencart, WordPress, Joomla & Drupal

Features of CMS

Before choosing a CMS, We always make sure that the CMS which we are choosing has all the features which are mentioned below.

Easy Management

Easy Management is the heart of a content management system. Major feature of a CMS is the power it gives the user to manage the entire website easily without any trouble. You can easily add Text, Images, Audio, Video and PDF in your website whenever you want and wherever you want easily. Entire website is structured in a manner so that you can easily manage your website and you will have full control over your website. CMS websites provide various features in terms of management by providing the complete control to the website admin. After using CMS website you will realize that managing your website has never been this easy.

No need of Coding Knowledge

During the initial stages, only a Website Developer can manage a website. Even if you want to change a single word in your website, you cannot do it without the help of a web developer. But with the arrival of CMS, it is very easy to manage your website even without any kind of programming knowledge. CMS used an editor called WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editor. Using this editor you can easily add text, image, pdf, video, audio and much more easily without writing any coding. You can easily change the style of your contents like changing font, changing font size, Bold and much more just by a single click.

Complete Control

You can control your website all by yourself. You don’t need to depend on a web developer for most of the time. Since CMS offer easy user friendly interface, you can easily change the content or images easily. CMS website provides various tools which can be used for various functionalities of your website. And also there are so many help documents available in the internet and nothing is impossible for a CMS website user. By using a CMS for your website, you are gaining so much power that you are not at all depending on a web developer to make content changes in your website as you can do it all by yourself.

Website Analytics

Major feature of CMS is Website Analytics but this one is not projected as it should have been. Analytics is an important feature of a website for the website owners and admins. Website analytics provides various information about user activity and this is help the website owners and admin to know about the pulse and interests of the user. CMS websites usually provides various analytics tools as add on for monitoring your website. Website analytics provides an detailed insight about your website performance so that you can easily decide which one is working and which one is not. This helps in staying top on what’s happening in your website.

Content Personalization

In order to satisfy your website, your website needs to do more than static content for all your visitors. CMS provides an important feature called Content Personalization. This feature will collect the user interest and serve the personalized content to the visitor based on user’s interest. Content Personalization can be done based on various factors like User’s location, behaviour and profile etc. By providing personalized content to the visitor you can even track the results of content personalization using website analytics by seeing the visitor’s activity on those content personalized webpages.

Built in SEO Tools

Search Engine Optimization is an important factor for your website’s reach and success. By using a content management system for your website, you don’t have worry about the SEO as much as you do without CMS website. CMS websites comes with the built in SEO tools to manage your basic SEO settings in your website for better ranking in search engine. Most of the CMS websites provides option to manage Title Tag, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, SEO Friendly URL, Semantic Headlines, Alt Text on Images, Sitemap, Breadcrumbs and Social Media Integration all by yourself. CMS website also allows website to be SEO Friendly.


Main drawback of static website is scalability. No one can predict the future but we need to be prepared to able to scale our website based on our future needs. CMS website provides scalability to your website. Initially wordpress was built as blogging software but now Wordpress powers almost 60% of the websites which are active now. This is the scalability a CMS can bring to your website. CMS websites use so many techniques in order to make the website scalable. Caching is an important one which is used in CMS website. So always start simple then you can optimize your website later based on the needs. In order to optimize later you need a CMS website.


Flexibility is one of the major reasons why people are choosing CMS website over static websites. Yes Flexibility is an important feature to be considered while developing your website. CMS website is flexible and it provides option to integrate easily with third-party systems like CRMs, through web hooks and REST APIs. You can integrate your Facebook feed, your latest tweets, your Instagram photos and your youtube videos in your website easily because of flexibility of CMS website. By using CMS website’s flexibility you can incorporate multiple website’s data and content in a single website. Main advantage of a CMS website is its flexibility.


Security is the important feature for your website. Hackers are finding many different ways to break into your website. CMS website provides various inbuilt security options and many security add on to keep your website safe and secure from the hackers. CMS website provides various security options such as User Authentication, Strong Password Enforcement, Login Attempt Limitation & Lockout, Secret Login URL, Two step authentication, Email notification, blocking suspicious IP addresses, Security Log, Automatic Password Expiration and Website Scanning to keep your website away from hackers.

What We Provide For your Dream Business

We provide the static and dynamic web development service and keep your website more engaging and easily visible to the customers through the internet. Get your website developed as per your choice of design and requirements. All you have to explain to us and we deliver the best results in an excellent way.

Mobile Compatibility

We develop the code in a compatible way, where people can access the site through any kind of device.

Fast load time

Making things load faster plays a key role in your business growth, we do it better with optimizing.

Browser Consistency

We penetrate through each and every browser, we make sure that it will be compatible with cross platforms

Usable forms

Efficient coding in usable forms makes the site to collect refined data from the perfect end users.

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HTML/CSS, Content Integration, Programming Code for Custom Requirements


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